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Jonna St Augustine 1-27-2018

I’ve attended several of Dave & Jonella’s group sessions, but I had never received a reading until last year. I had witnessed friends receive messages from loved ones, and while I believed they were genuine, I myself was still guarded & somewhat skeptical. Last year, however, changed that, when my grandfather’s spirit came through. I recognized many of the messages Dave & Jonella delivered, but several things they relayed I didn’t understand. Fortunately, a kind woman who attends many of the sessions took detailed notes and gave them to me afterward. I called my mom to tell her about the session, and as I related the details to her over the phone, she kept interjecting with confirmation of what had been said. Dave & Jonella had mentioned a fire, a barbershop & a specific make & model of car, none of which meant anything to me. After speaking with my mom, I learned that their house had burned down, that my grandfather had once been a barber, and that he once drove a 1956 version of that exact car! I would urge anyone who chooses to attend a session to be open & to pay attention to the No’s because you may not understand it at the time, but later on it will make sense. It certainly did in my case!

Yesterday I was at the gathering in Daytona and you both connected to Spirit directed to me. The last thing I think Jonella said was about 'baking' or 'baking cookies' and I was like 'nope, don't know what you're talking about I don't bake'
BUT after some thought I realized something. It seems ya'll were being visited by two spirits at the same time. Everything Jonella said absolutely applied to my ex-late-husband Duane who died of alcohol poisoning. Everything David said applied without question to my earthly teacher Shyamdas who left his body in a motorcycle accident in Goa, India.

The baking is part of the 'always laughing' and 'always together' that Duane and I had. I was trying to bake cookies for our son's kindergarten class and I just made this ridiculous mess. There was flour and sugar and milk all over the place, like a cartoon. Then Duane took over and made several dozen, perfectly formed, perfectly baked, perfectly tasty cookies (I think they were sugar cookies) and left the kitchen perfectly clean. I have literally never baked since then and that was like 1985.

So thank you - the two people I have loved most in this incarnation visited us yesterday.


Hello Dave n Jonella, 
"Thank you so much for my reading yesterday. I really appreciated hearing my cousin Alice is helping out caretaking for my dog, Boo.  I've often thought of of her and thought she was looking after my dog(s), possibly more of them. She was a really sweet lady who we lost way too early. Thank you for confirming she's with me. I wrote in my journal, per her suggestion too. I feel she can read my writings.
Thank you, 
Megan ❤"


Jonella and Dave,
Thank you so much for the reading today.  Dave you referenced the bird at the window twice in the reading, but I didn't get the connection.  That was until I called my sister and told her about the reading and as soon as I said that Dave talked about the signs Bernie was leaving and about the bird in the window, she gasped and said that there was a little sparrow the would look into the window and had done so about three times since Bernie passed.  This message meant so much to my sister that I just wanted you to know that I appreciate both of you so much and what you do to help us connect with our love ones.

Thank you


September 11, 2015

"Ok Dave. You did it again. Last night you described a Fearless decal. I didn't know what you were talking about. Tonight I went through some things in her room and found this. While it's not a decal, it's close enough. You even made your hands the same way as on the CD when you were trying to describe what you were seeing. 
You guys are amazing!!!"
JONELLA:  Thanks Pam....you are such a dear to let us know....sometimes we wonder if we are really touching hearts.
PAM:  "You guys absolutely are touching hearts."
DAVE:  Dear Pam, Thank you for sharing Natalie with us. This is the example of remembering the "no's". We're not awesome, Natalie is the awesome one, finding some obscure thought in our heads and touching you with her presence. We are honored to be a part of this process and moved by the miracle of knowing life continues and our loved ones are, and always will be, a part of our lives.


August 9, 2015

"Hello Dave and Jonella,
I wanted to thank you so very much for the messages from my military Step Dad Claude. I was the girl in the third row in purple.  There were so many similarities.... I know these messages were also from him as well as there were just too many yes’s… this was him.  Everything you said had meaning and I am very thankful to have experienced this.  I would very much like to speak to you further with regard to some things that are significant on this side of spirit, especially what you said about the “path I am on” being the right one and it being a very smooth journey and to stay on this path although long....From the moment I saw you several months ago, I felt your genuine love for what you do and also helping others.  I thank you for sharing your gift with us, it means so much....



An Amazing Father In Law

Kim your Father In Law was amazing that day.   It touches our hearts to see the healing that can take place when your loved ones come through.  Thank you for trusting me with your reading. 

May 15, 2015

Hi Dave, Last night you mentioned a reference to Darth Vader and I didn't know what it was about. Now I do. Yesterday I was moving furniture because we were getting new carpet today. I found this light saber I bought last Christmas when I rode the trolly to see the lights. My daughter would've wanted one when she was little, so I bought it and carried it around. Today I was putting everything back and found this light saber again....and it was like duhhhhh mom. This is the reference to Darth Vader! Just wanted to tell you that you were right and I missed it. Thank you ( and Jonella ) for such a good time last night!!!
P. S.

May 6, 2015

Hello to you both!! I must say that, you have each become household names in our family ;-) My mother has been looking forward to attending one of your group message sessions for nearly 9 months. Oddly enough, something "out of the norm" seemed to arise, each time you were scheduled to be in Daytona, when she was planning to attend. As life has a way of doing, she was finally able to attend your event last week - and right when she truly needed to the most. Her reviews about the both of you have been rave, and genuine (this is no small feat, as we tend to be on the discerning side) so wonderful was her experience, she has been talking non-stop about the next time you will be making a stop in our neck of the woods, and given the circumstances surrounding the three of us, urged us to attend as well. (We are planning to do so!) My sister and I were thinking that it might be a lovely surprise for her if we could secretly schedule a reading w/just the three of us, and we were hoping to speak w/you further about possibly arranging and setting up a proper time, etc. Please, do feel free to reach out to either of us directly, as we are looking most forward to hearing from you and learning more about the possibility!  ....Thank you both so much in advance, and we hope to connect soon. All the very best to you! A.

May 3, 2015

Dear Jonella & Dave,
I wanted to thank you for your time today.  I was the first reading, the husband who kept having you pat your heart.   Jonella you were right on!
I will return next month or maybe even call you for an individual reading. 


 April 13, 2015

Thank you
Jonella Bachman and Dave Bachman for your ongoing commitme...
nt to the American Cancer Society's RELAY FOR LIFE. Saturday's event at the Hilton Garden Inn was a beautiful way to support our ongoing fight against cancer. This was the fourth annual event of it's kind and you continue to generously donate 100% of the evening's proceeds our team The Lifesavers. I again thank you very much and truly appreciate your dedication and support ???


March 14, 2015

Dear Dave and Jonella,

Last night, (3/13/2015) was the first time I attended one of your gatherings.
To say I was impressed is putting it mildly! Both of you, in your own and unique way, connected with my mom. I know there is something else for us after this physical life, I am by no means a skeptic. Having my beliefs validated by strangers brings great comfort. Thank you both for sharing your
amazing gift and for bringing a message from my mother.



Feb 8, 2015

Hello Jonella and Dave, I thank you for your time today at the Daytona Metaphysical Shop. I have always wanted to join in one of your sessions, and today was the day. Although I did not have a personal experience, just being there had moved me, knowing others received what they needed. I am exploring different levels of spirit on my own journey and being there today meant a lot to me. I appreciate that you both seem very genuine and present a positive loving experience to those who seek your messages. It was my pleasure to watch and I will see you again soon.

Thanks again and God Bless.

Jan 21, 2015 6:20PM
Connie Mason   •  New Age Thinkers...Homosassa, Fl

I was fortunate to receive a reading on January 10 !! It brought tears to my eyes..I knew you feeling (seeing) my Mom!!! Thank you...both....gave me evidence that she was there! Love and Light. ♡

May 18, 2014

Thank you is not enough for what you brought me today. Frank is a very strong spirit and even through others readings he was still trying to pipe in. When you were talking about a mariner... Frank was a Navy Diver and then when you put the 27 with it... the day he died... but perhaps one was bringing another through. My mother sends her love to you both and we will be contacting you for a group reading... I will try to have more than 6. I will also make food and stuff...
What a wonderful thing you both are doing. Frank is always with me...I feel him, he was after all my soulmate xo



Daniela's Mom

Jen's Mom