Celebrations and Memorials

Thank you for your interest

We believe your gathering should be from your heart and not ours.  Our vision is  we are there to support, encourage, and share your dreams.  We will gather information and refer as needed and help you create your most precious event.

Wedding Ceremonies
Wedding or Baby Showers
Family Reunions

Born and raised in Daytona Beach and a current 31 year resident of Palm Coast, we are familiar with local venues and are available to help you with all phases of your plan.
Custom Prices are available upon request.

YOUR BELIEFS ARE THE ONLY BELIEFS necessary for your special gathering.  We want you to know that we will embrace your right to those beliefs.  Your journey is yours and we can walk our own journey without feeling the need to share.  We will make every effort to follow your lead.

David and Jonella are both Ordained Ministers.  When you choose us you are welcome to choose either of us or both.
The uniqueness of your service is the only decision.