In March, 2017 we had the

opportunity to spend

an amazing week long workshop


Mavis Patilla!

Two Mediums With Spirit - Liillian and the Skeptic

The Skeptic

That Precious Silverware

Still Hates Shoo Fly Pie and Singing Her a little Ditty

The Boy - Smart Cookie, Canoe Trips and Carvings

A place of honor for a Mother that "Gets It".

Inspiring visit of a wise Father.

Theresa calms The Storm....Taking the train

A very "Connected" Grandmother.

Several weeks prior to this reading the parents of this little two year old was told he was in remission. We are always so honored to carry the messages from their loved ones that they stand beside us from the other side.

Princess Haley

Some Original Videos - Poor Quality/Good Readings

TWO MEDIUMS WITH SPIRIT - STUBBORN FATHER Admittedly poor quality video but worth it for a very Special Father 26.5 MB
TWO MEDIUMS WITH SPIRIT - THE LABORER This gentleman came to David after our function and said "You almost made a believer out of me....if you could just tell me the kind of pie." Without hesitation David told him it was Gooseberry Pie. We made at least one believer that night. Thank you spirit! 19.6 MB

Recent photos

Jonella Speaks - Jonella begins @ 26.25