My grandmother taught me when I was young to reach for the stars and I will get to the moon. I haven't stopped reaching yet. Not because I want to make grandma proud....but rather because it is an energy provider that I am not willing to give up. Once you taste the possibilities or magic, you will never look back.


Success, joy, wealth, love, fulfillment are all available here....now!  And yet many of us run for cover and hide after fate has dealt us a bad hand, and sometimes we stay in that place waiting for the next attack.  What if we could teach ourselves to shut off our past and our future and live with the experiences life is offering today....now....this moment.  De-clutter.  Surrender....let go of control and try not to anticipate the outcome.  Instead, open your heart and expect the unexpected!  Anything is possible!  How safe would you feel.  Listen to the voice and reflect the light of your inner voice without influence from others.  Don't let anyone rain on your parade, your dreams, your possibilities.  Move at your own pace.  Accept and embrace your great qualities with confidence.
Your most precious treasure is yourself.
Guard it with all of your strength.

Daytona Metaphysics 2-8-15 

Hello Jonella and Dave,

I thank you for your time today at the Daytona Metaphysical Shop. I have always wanted to join in one of your sessions, and today was the day. Although I did not have a personal experience, just being there had moved me, knowing others received what they needed. I am exploring different levels of spirit on my own journey and being there today meant a lot to me. I appreciate that you both seem very genuine and present a positive loving experience to those who seek your messages. It was my pleasure to watch and I will see you again soon.

Thanks again and God Bless.

Especially for the NEW AGE THINKERS. 

A special note to "Thank You" for attending our Two Mediums With Spirit - "Connecting Two Worlds" presentation Saturday, January 10.  It was so very nice to visit the New Age Thinkers again.  You made us feel warm and welcome.

Request:  If any of you felt like we gave you a particular reading and would like to make a comment we could use on our website we would appreciate your efforts. 
Please know that we are so honored to share the work of your soul family and friends.
Take Care of each other.
Love & Light,
Dave and Jonella
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